Our cultural mythology believes that men are less aware of their physical appearance than women. The “macho man” so often depicted in Hollywood films, would never be concerned about his appearance. Despite the macho stereotype, men today are having face-lifts, having their hair styled, taking more care selecting clothing, spending more time developing their bodies and even using cosmetics. It is estimated that, today, more than 35% of Americans having cosmetic surgery are male.

Men have always been concerned about their appearance. Historians tell us that 5000 years ago Egyptians men rouged their lips and checks and used kohl (a black powder) to outline their eyes.

Ancient Athenian men used so much perfume that laws were passed prohibiting the sale of fragrant oils to men. In primitive cultures of America, Africa, men adorn themselves more than women by wearing ornate jewelry, colorful clothing and facial paint.

Both men and women have about the same amount of hair and most are vellus hairs. Because men produce more androgenic hormones, they grow many coarser, darker hairs. There is no difference in Electrolysis treatment on women or men.

A rare condition called hypertrichosis,
also known as “werewolf syndrome”,
caused uncontrolled hair growth.

Common areas of treatment for men:
  • Beard Sculpting
    Shaping a beard makes a neatly trimmed beard exquisite.It helps to minimize skin irritation from shaving and reduce the amount of care needed to maintain a beard.
  • Ears
    As men age, ear hairs get increasingly coarser and longer, this makes shaving or other temporary methods very difficult, sometimes impossible.
  • Eyebrows
    Bushy eyebrows are uncomfortable to maintain and trimming can be dangerous.
  • Nose
    Some men grow coarse hairs on the ridge of the nose. This condition can affect men who work outdoors.
  • Back of Neck
    Hard to shave, shaving causes irritation or ingrown hair
  • Back & Chest
    Body builders, sportsmen, and swimmers find body hair very discomforting.

Transgendered Persons

Removing hair is a key procedure for transgendered persons, it feminizes the face.
Elelctrolysis can PERMANENTLY solve these problems!

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