Unwanted hair can cause a wide range of problems, from minor inconvenience to serious emotional distress.

Over 75% of all women have some facial hair growth.
Facial hair on the chin, cheek, and upper lip are so obvious that many women shave or tweeze everyday to hide the growth. Whether it is light, fuzzy, or dark and coarse, excessive hair can be quite a nuisance.

Upper part of chin after 40 min treatment:

  • This client with very coarse hair
    has minimal irritation
  • Her skin is not very sensitive
  • Before Electrolysis Treatment
    (Very sensitive skin)
  • After 6 month of Electrolysis Treatment
    Note: clean, smooth skin
Today many women tweeze week after week to maintain the desired eyebrow form. Why not have them permanently fashioned and shaped into a natural line an end the inconvenience of tweezing?
Treated side
Untreated side

NOTE: clean elegant shape of the treated eyebrow

  • The amount of redness, irritation varies from person to person
  • This individual demonstrates more irritation than most people
    because of her coarse hair and sensitive skin;
  • However, redness fades quickly within 30-40 minutes in almost all cases
Including low forehead, nape hairline, and widow’s peak, can be heightened and reshaped to whatever the client desires.
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